ATrillion-Semantix, Inc.

Human Intelligence Software

English as a Query Language

Use our S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. ToolKit to map SQL to English Syntax, providing natural language access to Data untethered to SQL Developers an an

Equip SQL Database w/Intel

Transform your SQL backend into an autonomous agent capable of natural dialog in English.

Intelligent OLAP/OLTP

We advance the traditional OLAP/OLTP dynamic by incorporating Knowledge Represenation and Reasoning


We provide
 Intelligent Language Solutions using lightweight toolkits.

In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, communicating precisely one’s requirements within some contextualized superstructure increasing relies on the ability of systems to understand instructions conveyed and communicated in precise natural English responsive to the business model. Find here a dynamic set of tools that continue to address the adapting needs of a more efficient work space.

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