Partnership Program

Engaging With Our Partners

The Brave New World

Natural Language and Intelligence are innate to humans. Now they are becoming innate to computers, blurring the line between “us” and “them”. ATrillion-Semantix, Inc. is at the vanguard of this devolution of distinction. Never fear, fortune favors the bold. Machines will not take over the world–but if indeed they do, then we’d like to have a say in the matter.

Our Partnership Program

We seek to engage and develop meaningful relationships with technologically progressive partners who can help guide our vision of being  part of this brave new world. This, for the moment, is limited to free access to upcoming software releases for the purpose of feedback. We are grateful for the opportunity to have you join us in this regard.


Available Downloads

The Resource Exchange

This platform connects event planners and resource owners. It facilitates leveraging the value of potential-use resources, instead of lying dormant while they could be generating income. Although the platform provides the tools for communication between resource owners and event planners it is not liable for any agreements reached by both parties. It nevertheless can serve as a digital record. The Resource Exchange is searchable using natural English language, allowing for a great deal of precision and specificity.

The front-end of is a rotating carousel of events which resource owners, similarly, can search using natural English language in order to browse upcoming events that may require available resources within their control.